In May 2020 I will take students over to England for the eleventh time, exploring the relationship between the landscape and British history. This year we explore Scotland and north England. We will journey into the highlands to look for the Loch Ness monster, ferry across to the Orkney islands to see prehistoric stone circles (and a few puffins, seals etc), follow the sacred trail of Whithorn, the birthplace of Scottish Christianity, take the Hogwarts Express across the Yorkshire Moors to Whitby, attend Evensong for St. Bede the Venerable at Durham Cathedral, meet some ghosts in York, walk along Scottish streams and Lancashire lakes, visit a Scottish castle or two, and wander Edinburgh.

However, despite high student interest, it seems to be more difficult every year for students to fund the trip. This year, the price for 17 days, including all transport, hotel, group admissions and breakfasts is $4800 for 20 participants. This is only $70 more than the 2018 trip and incredible bargain, but many students will still find it hard to make the full funding.
Every $2000 raised gives a half subsidy to a high achieving student who has raised part of the fees but needs the extra help.

So call a friend, or several friends and donate generously to helping a student on this dream. Or come along with us in May 2020! In the past I have taken alumni, friends of Stetson, grandparents, adventurous aunts and the like (although I draw the line at parents. If your child is going on this trip, do not do that to your kid). Every full paying participant makes it easier to use the funds to help students. And the price goes down if we hit 25.

Help a student make this dream come true!

Kimberly D. S. Reiter, Ph. D
Associate Professor of History
Chair, Stetson Undergraduate Research Committee and Stetson Showcase
Director, Stetson Public History Concentration
Vice-President, People Helping People
Advisor, Phi Alpha Theta, HCOS
National Counselor, URPD Division, Council on Undergraduate Research
Chair, Stetson Faculty Senate