Stetson University Founder's Day

Each class inherits the obligation to make the Stetson of Tomorrow an even better place to meet the challenge of new generations.” – J. Ollie Edmunds

Since November 5, 1883, our institution has been a pioneer of higher education in Florida. Today, the Stetson community is coming together for the Stetson of Tomorrow. We will celebrate the success and traditions that have made our institution great for the past 138 years and look forward to the future of Stetson University!

With your support today, you will change lives of Hatters for generations to come! Thanks to the generosity of several alumni and various foundations, this year, your gift of any size to any fund will be matched with a gift to the Stetson Fund.

Be sure to check out a variety of funds you can donate to by scrolling down!

Founder's Day FAQs:

What are the challenge gifts for Founder’s Day?
Stetson alumni and several foundations have pledged to donate to the Stetson Fund if donors come together for the Stetson of Tomorrow on Founder’s Day. Throughout the day, we will be announcing different challenges. To start us off, when 150 individuals donate any size gift to any fund, the Hunter Foundation will donate $25,000 to the Stetson Fund.

What is the Stetson Fund?
The Stetson Fund ensures that academically qualified students of every economic, ethnic and social background are welcomed into years of unbroken tradition of challenge, learning, exploration and growth. The dollars raised for the Stetson Fund directly benefit critical needs identified by the university on an ongoing basis.

Is there a minimum gift amount?
You can give a gift of any size to any fund during Founder’s Day. However, Hatters must make a gift of $25 or more to receive Stetson of Tomorrow socks. Only one pair of Stetson of Tomorrow socks will be mailed per transaction.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. You will receive a tax receipt via email after you make a gift. However, please note that if there was an exchange of goods and services upon your donation, a $7 portion of your gift will be considered non-charitable if it falls below a certain amount.

If I still have a question, how can I get in touch?
Please contact the Office of Development by email at or by phone at 386-822-7455.

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