Stetson University College of Law

Student Emergency Fund

Through your generosity and partnership, we have reached our original goal of raising over $125,000 for the Stetson Law Student Emergency Fund. The Fund assists students and recent alumni who have been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Your contributions have assisted more than 165 people in our community by meeting some of their most basic needs. Some examples of needs that have been met include housing; food; medicine and medical expenses; emergency travel and relocation expenses; technology needs caused by safer-at-home orders; and more. Please know that your gifts were a lifeline to those who had nowhere else to turn.

Unfortunately, the needs persist, and the Student Emergency Fund Committee continues to receive multiple applications for assistance each week. As the virus runs rampant in our nation, we anticipate that many more students will face financial similar challenges this fall. For this reason, we are extending the campaign to June 30, 2021, with the goal of raising an additional $75,000. Will you support a student by making a gift today?