Women's Rowing

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Stetson Women's Rowing Mission Statement:
Stetson Women's Rowing proudly embodies the values on champions and is unified through discipline and resilience on and off the water.

"Years ago Stetson Rowing could only dream of the accomplishments our program has attained. Together we have made our dreams into realities. There will never be a time when Stetson Rowing decides to settle. We are always dreaming, always hungry, and always striving for more. Go Hats!" - Current team member

Join our Stetson Athletics Fall Fundraiser in support of the Women's Rowing Team. All contributions made on this page will go directly to the Stetson Women's Rowing program, where the funds will be used directly to help further improve our student-athletes' experience in the classroom, and on the water. Your support will help our team rise above the competition, and exceed expectations this coming season, we hope to see you at our home races this year 2019-2020!

For additional information, please visit us at GoHatters.com!
If you cannot participate at this time, please share our fundraising page with your friends and family to help spread the word.
Thank you and GO HATTERS!

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